Xenophase is a not for profit entity and is focused on the members of the community. In order to keep providing this service free we need donations from members like you.

Why Donate?

  • Keep Xenophase alive!
  • Allow us to upgrade to provide better services
  • Receive Donator Status if you donate $10 CAD or more.
  • The good feeling of helping out the Xenophase Community.

Donator Status

Donators who donate $10 CAD (non-refundable) or more receive a Donator Status (expires after a year) that enables them to have some benefits. Currently these include:

  • Ability to Change Your Hair Style for your Ragnarok Frontier characters for free.
  • Receive a forum rank of Donator beside your forum profile so that people can recognize you as a donator.
  • Ability to search the Xenophase Ragnarok Frontier Database and retrieve full search results.
  • The creation of up to 2 Community Forums that allow you and your friends to communicate with each other in private!
  • Ragnarok Frontier voting information is hidden from your profile.

Donating is a completely separate system from Cash Item. You will not receive Cash Item points for donating.

How to Donate

There are two methods of donating:

  1. PayPal - This is the easiest method to donate as all that is required is just a credit card and internet connection. It is safe, fast, and easy.
  2. In-Person - If you live near the Vancouver area, it is possible to pass on the donation through certain people or at one of our real-life events. For more information, please contact the staff.

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