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An Introduction

So you want to have your very own Ragnarok Pokemon, also known as a homunculus! This guide is here to help you get familiar with the basics of the creaturs called Homonculus.

If I am missing anything, please feel free to add your information, and I'll add it to the guide Smile

Version History

- Updated with Leveling spots, bit of AI information and stat growth on the 1st November 2006
- Thread was created on the 29th September 2006


What are homunculus?
A homunculus isn't like a normal pet. They are actually tools that can be used to use to train. The homunculus (I'll start calling it homu from now on... Homunculus is annoying to type all the time) give exp to the player training them. So actually both the alchemist and the homu benefit from this.

What kind of homu are there?
There are four different Homunculus. Lif, Vani, Amistr and Filir. Each homunculus has two versions of it.






Which one is better?
Homunculus are just like player classes. There is no best one. It all depends on your personal preferences.

* Amistr - VIT Melee / Passive
* Filir - AGI Melee
* Lif - Support / Passive
* Vanilmirth - Magic + Melee

How do I get a homu?
First of all you need to be an Alchemist. Other jobs can NOT get a homu. I've had lots of Hunters/Thieves/etc asking me if they can buy my homu... Well that is not possible. If you want one, go make an Alchemist...

Ok back to how to get one. You can find the complete guide to doing the quest here:
Make sure to have some spare skill points left over. The full skill set takes up 7 skill points. (1 for Call Homunculus, 1 for Rest and 5 for max Homunculus Resurrecion) *Note: If you can't get max level Homunculus Resurrection it's not a big deal. You will just res your Homu with less HP)

Done the quest? Good, go to the Aldebaran Alchemist Guild and find the Homunculus Supplies NPC. He will sell the following items:


Buy one each of every item (costs roughly 60k for all) to create an Embryo. Like mentioned in the other guide, pot making alchemists have a higher successrate. So if you don't feel like spending a lot of money on making Embryo's try to get yourself a Priest with Gloria + Blessing, and a Clown/Gypsy with Marionette Control.

Ok you now have the following 3 items: Glass Tube, Yggdrasil Dew and Seed of Life. In order to make an Embryo you also need a Potion Making Manual and a Medicine Bowl. Ofcourse you will need the Prepare Potion skill. So now start creating your Embryo! You do have a chance to fail this, so make sure you have enough money to purchase the required items again!

Made one successfully? That's nice, it's time to Call forth your own Homu!

How do I call my Homunculus?
Use the skill Call Homunculus to call your own Homu! Simple as that XD


ZOMGGGG!!! I got a Vani/Filir/Amistr/Lif! But I wanted a Amistr/Filir/Vani/Lif! O_O (whatever is approriated for you)
The homu you get is random. If you are not happy with what you have gotten, delete it and create a new Embryo and keep summoning new ones till you get what you like.

Yes! I have what I wanted =D But now what...
Well there are two things you can do with your Homu.. Treat it as a pet, meaning not leveling it or using it for battle. But that's boring >_>; Or level it to make it stronger.


Ok I want to level it, how?
Well use your Alchemist body as a tank for the first few levels. Your homu will still be too weak to take on most monsters. What I did was this:
- Take homu to a field with Poporing.
- Gather a small mob of Poporing, by whacking them once
- Let the homu kill the mob. At first it will miss A LOT, and it will do 1 damage a lot too... Sooo go grab yourself a snack, drink, go to the toilet, call a friend or do whatever while you wait for the homu to kill the mob.

This was the way I leveled my homu for the first 9-ish levels. After that I took it to Payon Cave 1 to kill stuff there.


How do I make my homu attack?
1. Press ALT + Right-click a target.
2. Press ALT + Right-click the appointed monster again, and Homu attacks it.

A round target circle will appear above the monster you want the homu to target


How do I make my homu move?
1. ALT + right-clicks a spot on the ground, your homunculus moves to that spot.
It can only move 15 cells from the player. A red marker will appear on the selected cell you want the homu to move to.


Ack my homu keeps running away from me to hit other monsters D: What do I do...
If this happens you probably have a Vani or Filir. These homu's are naturally aggresive, meaning they will hit anything they see. To prevent them from being aggresive press ALT + T or right click the Homunculus and select: Passive/Agressive.

Ok it's hurt now. How can I heal it?
Use the skill Aid Potion to heal the homu with potions. Red potions will do at start, but when your homu has high HP you can start using others, such as Orange, Yellow or even White pots. They also regenerate their own HP, so if you have no potions you can just let it regenerate itself.

My homu has died T___T Does this mean I need to make a new one??? D:
No you can use the skill Homunculus Resurrection to revive your dead homu.
A higher skill level of Homunculus Resurrection isn't required, but it saves you SP and your revived homu will have more HP recovered.

Level - HP Recovered - SP Used
1 - 20% - 74
2 - 40% - 68
3 - 60% - 62
4 - 80% - 56
5 - 100% - 50


You mentioned something about Homu's being aggresive or passive. Which ones are aggresive and which ones are passive?
Lif and Amistr are passive by default. Filr and Vani are aggresive. You can modify this in the custom AI.. More about this later though =P

How can I see my Homu's stats?
Press ALT + R to open up the status window of your homu. Or right click on the homu and select "View Status"

Ok I don't understand it... Explain it >3

This is how your status window should look (Please note that the stats for each homu are different! So it will rarely have the same stats as mine has now!)

A. ATK: Your homunculus' physical melee attack strength.
Min ATK = Str + [Str / 10] ^ 2 + Dex
Max ATK = Str + [Str / 10] ^ 2 + Max(Str + Level, Dex) <-- this is what you see in the Alt+R window
(** Note: In most cases, Str+Lvl > Dex, so the formula simplifies down to ATK = Level + (STR * 2) + [STR/10]^2 )

B. MATK : Used for magical attacks, especially Vanilmirth's Caprice skill.
Formula: MATK = INT + [INT/5]^2

C. HIT : How well your homunc can hit enemies with physical melee attacks.
Formula : HIT = Level + DEX

D. CRIT : Kinda useless stat atm. They can't actually crit. Only useful as an indicator of your pet's LUK, which translates to a crit shield in pvp/woe.
Formula : Crit = [LUK/3] + 1

E. DEF : This misleading number is actually the sum of your armor def and vit def.
Armor Def = [Level / 10] + [Vit / 5]
Vit Def = Vit - 1

F. MDEF : Homunculi Magical Defence
Formula : MDEF = [Level / 10] + [Int / 5]

G. FLEE : How well they flee. An unusual property of homunculi: Multiple monsters do not reduce their flee, unlike normal players.
Formula : FLEE = Level + AGI

H. ASPD : Another strange aspect of homunculi. This number does not translate to the same attack speed that a player with the same ASPD has. The formula below is not absolutely accurate, but its close =3
Formula : ASPD = 200 - (Delay/10) + ( [4*Delay*AGI/1000] + [Delay*DEX/1000] ) / 10

I. SP Regen : Not mentioned in the window, but a semi-useful stat nonetheless.
Formula : SP regen per tick= [Int/6] + [SP/100]

(Thanks to Ragnainfo for this information)

There are also other things listed in the window. These are:

- Name: You can rename your homunculus only once!
- Level: Your homu's level.
- Skill: The skills your homu knows
- Delete: Delete your current homunculus
- HP: It's Hit Points
- SP: It's Special Points
- EXP: How much EXP it needs to level, and how much it has gained so far
- Hunger: How hungry your homu is
- Status: Your homu's intimacy
- Acessory: As far as I know there are no accessories for homu's available.

Hungry? So I have to feed it?
Yes homu's require food for them to live.
This is what they eat:

Vanilmirth: Scell
Filir: Garlet
Amistr: Zargon
Lif: Pet Food

When do I feed it?
Feed it when its hunger is between 11~25 to get 1 full point of intimacy.
Feeding at other times will give u less than a full point, and may even reduce the intimacy if you feed it at too high a hunger rating !!

1~10% Hunger - 50% Intimacy
11~25% Hunger - 100% Intimacy
26%~75% Hunger - 75% Intimacy
76%~90% Hunger - (minus) 5% Intimacy
91%~100% Hunger - (minus) 50% Intimacy

(Thanks to Ragnainfo for the information)

They can learn skills?
For every 3 base levels your homu grows it will recieve 1 skill point. Homu do not have any job levels.


What skills can they learn?


- Caprice
Vanilmirth Homunculus skill.
Cast a randomly chosen Bolt skill at a target. This skill`s level affects the level of the Bolt skill cast through Caprice.

Skill Level / Effect
1 - Level 1 Bolt Skills
2 - Level 2 Bolt Skills
3 - Level 3 Bolt Skills
4 - Level 4 Bolt Skills
5 - Level 5 Bolt Skills

- Chaotic Blessings
Vanilmirth Homunculus skill.
Prerequisite: Caprice Lv.3.
Restore HP to a target that is randomly selected from among enemies, the Homunculus`s master, or the Homunculus itself.

Skill Level / Heal Level / Enemy Heal Rate (%) / Homunculus Heal Rate (%) / Player Heal Rate (%)
1 - 1 - 50 - 20 - 30
2 - 1~2 - 40 - 50 - 10
3 - 1~3 - 25 - 25 - 50
4 - 1~4 - 36 - 60 - 4
5 - 1~5 - 33 - 34 - 33

- Instruction Change
Vanilmirth Homunculus skill.
Prerequisite: Caprice Lv.5. Increase the Vanilmrith Homunculus`s INT and STR stats.

Skill Level / +INT / +STR
1 - 1 - 1
2 - 2 - 1
3 - 2 - 3
4 - 2 - 4
5 - 3 - 4


- Adamantium Skin
Amistr Homunculus skill.
Prerequisite: Amistr Bulwark Lv.3. Permanently increase the Homunculus`s Defense, Max HP and HP Recovery Rate.

Skill level / + Max HP (%) / + Recovery (%) / + Def
1 - 2 - 5 - 4
2 - 4 - 10 - 8
3 - 6 - 15 - 12
4 - 8 - 20 - 16
5 - 10 - 25 - 20

- Amistr Bulwark
Amistr Homunculus skill.
Prerequisite: Castling Lv.5. Enhance the Defense of the caster and the Amistr Homunculus for this skill`s duration.

Skill level / + Def / Skill Duration (sec)
1 - 2 - 40
2 - 4 - 35
3 - 6 - 30
4 - 8 - 25
5 - 10 - 20

- Castling
Amistr Homunculus skill.
Instantly switch the location of the caster with the Amistr Homunculus so that monsters attacking the caster will target Amistr instead.

Skill level / Success Rate (%)
1 - 20
2 - 40
3 - 60
4 - 80
5 - 100


- Accelerated Flight
Filir Homunculus skill.
Prerequisite: Flitting Lv.3. Temporarily increase Filir Homunculus`s Flee Rate by pushing it to its physical limits.

Skill level / + Flee Rate / Duration (sec) / Skill Delay (sec)
1 - 20 - 60 - 60
2 - 30 - 55 - 70
3 - 40 - 50 - 80
4 - 50 - 45 - 90
5 - 60 - 40 - 120

- Flitting
Filir Homunculus skill.
Prerequisite: Moonlight Lv.3. Temporarily increase Filir Homunculus`s Attack Power and Speed.

Skill level / + ASPD / + Damage (%) / Duration / Skill Delay (sec)
1 - 3 - 110 - 60 - 60
2 - 6 - 115 - 55 - 70
3 - 9 - 120 - 50 - 80
4 - 12 - 125 - 45 - 90
5 - 15 - 130 - 40 - 120

- Moonlight
Filir Homunculus skill.
Command Filir Homunculus to peck repeatedly at a nearby target.

Skill level / Number of Blows / Damage (%)
1 - 1 - 220
2 - 2 - 330
3 - 3 - 440
4 - 4 - 550
5 - 5 - 660


- Brain Surgery
Lif Homunculus skill.
Alter the Lif Homunculus`s brain to increase its Max SP, SP Recovery Rate and the effectiveness of the Healing Hands skill.

Skill level / SP Increment (%) / + SP Recovery (%) / Healing Hands Increment (%)
1 - 1 - 3 - 2
2 - 2 - 6 - 4
3 - 2 - 9 - 6
4 - 2 - 12 - 8
5 - 3 - 15 - 10

- Healing Hands
Lif Homunculus skill.
Command Lif Homunculus to restore a player`s HP by using a method that mimics the Acolyte`s Heal skill. The amount of restored HP is affected by the skill`s level, and the caster`s Base Level and INT. Each cast consumes 1 Condensed Red Potion.

Skill level / Required SP
1 - 13
2 - 16
3 - 19
4 - 22
5 - 25

- Urgent Escape
Lif Homunculus skill.
Prerequisite: Healing Hands Lv.3. Temporarily increase the caster and Homunculus`s Movement Speed so that they can escape dangerous situations.

Skill level / + Movement Speed (%) / Duration (sec)
1 - 10 - 40
2 - 20 - 35
3 - 30 - 30
4 - 40 - 25
5 - 50 - 20

(Thanks to for the information. Names and descriptions may be different on RF)

They give me exp right? Can I also give them exp?
Yes. If your homu kills a monster you will recieve exp from it. But if you kill a monster, your homu will NOT gain any exp from it.

Exp formula:
Exp = Amount of EXP player earns from killing monster x (Amount of damage inflicted on monster by Homunculus) / (Damage inflicted on Homonculus by monster + Damage inflicted on player by monster)

I have more ASPD than my homu does, but he seems to attack faster?
Homun ASPD formula works in a different way than player ASPD. Thats why your homu can attack faster than you do.

What does Rest do?
Rest returns your homu back to you. Meaning that it's not out anymore (kinda like you return a pet to it's egg) It's useful when walking in mobby dangerous areas, and when you want to afk/vend for a while. Your homunculus needs to have 80% or more HP for Rest to work.
To return a Rested homu, use the skill Call Homunculus to summon him back.

Can I heal or buff my homu?
You can only heal your homu using Aid Potion. You can not buff your homu.


Is it possible to have a pet out together with the homu?
Yes you can have a normal pet out together with the homu.


What is its Intimacy?
Your homunc starts somewhere around 21 Intimacy (as seen through the homunculus hidden stats viewer). When a homunc's intimacy is at the max, you will be able to change it into the grown-up form. You can increase it's intimacy level by feeding it.

The levels of intimacy:
0-3= Hate with a Passion
4-10 = Hate
11-100 = Awkward
101-250 = Shy
251-750 = Neutral
751-910 = Cordial
911-1000 = Loyal

How can I evolve my Homu?
First of all your homu's intimacy needs to be at Loyal. You also need an item called "Stone of Sage" to be able to evolve your homu.

Dropped by: Gemini S58 (6%), Hydro (4%), Observation (2%), Retribution (1%), Shelter (1%), Solace (1%)

Wow my homu can flee more monsters than I can... How come?
Homus aren't affected by certain penalties like players are. Meaning that a mob of monsters will not reduce your homus flee and defence like it does to a player.

Why do aggresive monsters target my homu eventhough I am closed to the monster?
Monsters will target homunculi over normal players. Either rest and recall it so that you become the new target, or use corners/terrain to your advantage. Or kill the monster as soon as possible...

How much exp does my homu need to level?
See this chart:

When a homu hits level 99, will it get an aura?
Yes they do get an aura when they hit level 99.

Wah! I accidently deleted my homu... Can I get it back?
No, once you have deleted a homu, you can not restore it. You'll have to start with a new one all over again.

What is AI?
You can program your homunculus to do certain things in the AI (Homunuclus Artificial Inteligence). For example you can change Lif/Amistr's passive mode to active. The homunculus can automatically use skills on monsters. You can set priority to monsters, which will be attacked first. And much more.
There is a default AI in your Ragnarok Folder, in the folder called AI.

How do I get a custom AI?
You can either make your own AI or download a ready made one. I will not go in to making your own custom AI.
There are a few ready scripted AI's available on the internet. The one I and many other players use is Rampage. This AI has most features you could use in it.


* Features:

o Mode system: Unlike the Default AI (and its derivatives), this will remember if its passive or aggressive even after given manual commands to attack or move.
o 2-way anti KS system: Homunculus will detect if a monster is attacking or being attacked by another player
o Intelligent monster selection: Will change targets while chasing if an enemy is found to be nearer to the homunculus. (Also does not become obsessed with monsters that are on the other side of a wall)
o Defense prioritization: (Please read the "Defensive Options" section of the Config.lua file -- found below -- for more information)
o AutoSkill: Ability to automatically cast Homunculi skills during battle
o Very difficult to ditch homunculi. (Only exceptions are when your movement speed is greater than that of the homunculus, or it is stuck around a corner)
o Based on the idea of a command sequencer, which could be viewed as a modified finite state machine.
o Supports all 4 types of Homunculi


I've downloaded it.. Now how to use it?
Unzip all the files in to the USER_AI folder located in the AI folder.
Ingame you can switch between default and custom AI by typing the /hoai command.
You can edit values in the AI config yourself, but you will need to check that out yourself.


Great I'm all set. But... Do you have any leveling spot ideas?
This is where I leveled my Vanilmirth

Level 1 - 10 : Poporing, Payon 1, other nub monsters
10 - 30 : Metaling, Sidewinder, Culvert 4 (GTB Map)
30 - 40 : Argiope, Sidewinder
40 - 50: Argiope, Zenorc
50 - 60: Sidewinder

Other tips are always welcome! So post them <3

How can I see how good (or bad) my homunculus is growing?
There are two sites you can use to check your homunculus stats and growth. First you will want to see it's stat growth, use this site for that:

Fill in your Homu's current stats and press Calculate. You will then get a screen listing your homunculusses current stats, like this:

1. Your homu's stats that you filled in.
2. Passive skills that effect your homus stats
3. Your homu's base stats
4. Your stat growth per level.
5. Sub stats, like HIT, Flee, ASPD, Regeneration, etc...
6. Healing information

To determine it's growth look at the Stat Growth Window.

In my case my Homu's growth is:

HP 86.63 -3.37
SP 3.48 -0.02
Str 0.96 -0.14
Agi 1 -0.1
Vit 1.09 -0.01
Int 1.24 +0.14
Dex 1.17 +0.07
Luk 1.2 +0.1

- any number means it's under average. + any number means it's above average. But how good or bad is it? We will use this site to take a look at that:

Select your homun type and level range. After that a chart will appear, and you will need to search for your growth.

Let's start with HP. My HP growth is 86.63. Look this number up in the chart gives me: 85.714-88.776 since my amount of 86.63 is in this range. This means that my Homu's HP growth is Below Average. Do the same for everything else.

In the end I get this:

HP 86.63 -3.37 ~ Below Average
SP 3.48 -0.02 ~ Average
Str 0.96 -0.14 ~ Poor
Agi 1 -0.1 ~ Below Average
Vit 1.09 -0.01 ~ Average
Int 1.24 +0.14 ~ Excellent
Dex 1.17 +0.07 ~ Good
Luk 1.2 +0.1 ~ Good

You can see that my HP, STR and AGI are below average. But my INT, DEX and LUK are above average. This way you can check after every level up how good or bad your homu is doing.

That's all for the F.A.Q. right now. If you have any additions to make please add them Smile

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Woo! Nice guide! Sad I wanna make alchemist now...
Btw, o_o When it says "IMAGE" was there supposed to be something there?

*edit: k nvm just had to refresh.
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Cool : O I kindah like the ugly ones... T__T Don't judge me! Oh yeah.. I love your site Zoom Zoom!
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That reminds me, I should make a Alchemist.


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nice work
/ have lvl 99 homu already?/
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SupraSRX wrote:
nice work
/ have lvl 99 homu already?/

No thats a screen I stole from Iro =p
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Very nice guide Sumi!

A few other commands are:

1. Press ALT + Right-click a target.
2. Press ALT + Right-click the appointed monster again, and Homun attacks it.

1. ALT + right-clicks a spot on the ground, Homunculus moves to that spot.
It can only move 15 cells from the player.
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PostPosted: 29 Sep 2006 10:22 AM Reply with quoteBack to top

Very nice guide! Now all we need is someone to write one on custom ai XD

Pre Wipe
1st 96-99 Blacksmith, 1st Whitesmith
Post Wipe
1st 77-99 Blacksmith, 1st Whitesmith 70-98
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Something semi-important not mentioned:

Homunuculus do not suffer player penalties. Meaning their FLEE and DEF are not reduced when mobbed by 3 or more monsters.
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The levels of intimacy:
0-3= Hate with a ... (the rest I can't see becuase it's behind the feed button)
4-10 = Hate
11-100 = Awkward
101-250 = Shy
251-750 = Neutral
751-910 = Cordial
911-1000 = Loyal

Hate with a Passion!

Kyo Temujin - Assassin (6X)
Skit Temujin - Mage (2X) inactive
Skits Discount Store - Merchant (2X)
Arcon Witheren - Swordsman (4X) Roleplay only -- for now
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Are lifs ONLY support? Meaning...they can't attack much...? O_o Are they basically like acolytes when attacking? Also...amistr..vit melee/passive...meaning they are like alchemists who mob? O_o I'm so noob at this. <.<

Nameless for the time being
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Lif attack too, but I guess there ATK is less than one of the Melee types.. I don't know I don't have a Lif myself... Any Lif owners here to answer her?

And Amistr can be compared to a mobbing Alchemist, since their strenght is high damage and high defence. Amistr has this advantage too. The passive part means he doesn't automatically attack monsters, unless you change the AI (which I don't know how to do yet =x)

@Pokariii and SirFoo: I've added what you pointed out. Thank you Smile
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Does Homunculus death affect its intimacy? Will using the Rest skill decrease intimacy? I ask because some people make it a sport to kill Homunculus, which would obviously make it alot more difficult to raise its intimacy.

Using no limit as a limit.
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I was wondering the same too yea. I read one some other forums that overfeeding and not feeding the Homu makes it's Intimacy go lower. I'm not sure about this though, since my Vani does die quite a lot... If PKing the homu does lower it's intimacy that would be really.. Nasty =x
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PostPosted: 29 Sep 2006 02:24 PM Reply with quoteBack to top

Two other commands:

Alt+T also affects Passive/Agressive
Alt+R opens up the View Status

Nice guide btw.

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