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Lovers Quest

-1 Flower
-40 Coal
-1 Tuxedo

-1 random level 4 weapon ore
-Level 1-40 = 1,220 Exp
-Level 41-60 = 12,000 Exp
-Level 61-80 = 60,000 Exp
-Level 81-99 = 400,000 Exp


1. Go to Einbroch and find Calla inside the building at (126, 229). She’s in the back of the house, but if you get seen by her father, Megass, you will be thrown out. You’ll spot him when you enter, so stay along the left wall. She tells you she would long to travel and get away from Einbroch.


2. Either catch the train for 200z, (talking to the staff outside (234, 270)), to Einbech or use the teleporter.


3. Find Clitzer inside the building (204, 135) and speak to him. He will say he can smell the scent of Calla’s house on you.

4. Return to Calla and she’ll give you a Violin [3] to deliver to her lover.

5. Once you give Clitzer the Violin [3], he’ll want to give Calla a Flower in return. Unfortunately he doesn’t have the zeny, so you’ll have to purchase it. However, he will give you some base experience for doing this favour.

6. Upon giving the Flower to Calla she’ll want to know your name, so type it in the box provided. She then asks you to thank Clitzer for her.


7. Go back to Clitzer and he’ll want to know your name as well, so type it out again. Talk to Clizer again, and then speak to his mother, Kaijeta who is on your left. She wishes for there to be peace between the two cities and thinks if Clitzer and Calla get together there may be.


8. Return to Calla’s house and talk to Satra, Calla’s mother. In talking to her you find she needs Coal. Bring her 10 each time you talk to her, she’ll ask four times. After the last batch she wants to know where you are getting it from, type in “Clitzer”, and she’ll get you to ask him over for tea. Unfortunately Clitzer doesn’t actually give you any Coal you have to hunt them yourself.

9. Go see Clitzer again and tell him he was asked for tea by Satra. He then panics because he doesn’t have the proper attire, talk to his mother and she’ll tell you what he needs. After buying a Tuxedo talk to Clitzer again to give him the suit.

10. Return to Calla and she’ll give you more base experience as a thank you.


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