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Juperos Ruins History Quest

-5 Transparent Plates (4 of different colour)

-100,000 Base Experience/Returned Plate (first four)
-1 Gift Box (for fifth plate)


1. Find the library of Yuno in the far Eastern area of the city (338, 203).


2. Enter the library and walk straight through to the very back. Go up the stairs and find a Scholar in the back left corner (190, 125). In talking to her, choose “Excuse me…” and she’ll reply by insulting your intelligence.


3. Read the research thesis, “Bundle of Files”, on the table beside you. It should be a brief summary of the fall of Juperos.

4. Talk to the Scholar, Fayruz, again and select “By any chance…” to bring up the thesis you just read. She’ll tell you it’s incomplete due to missing documents and will ask you to help her find these ancient documents in Juperos.


5. Head to Juperos, 2 maps down and 1 right from Yuno (yuno_fild07 211, 175). Enter and head for the cave in Juperos.


6. Find one of four statues around the cave entrance (Bronze: 99, 112), (Stone: 123, 92), (Bronze: 99, 71), (Sculpture: 79, 92), or the Machine Statue in the Southwest (215, 127). However, only one of these statues will let you investigate it and then tell you to go back to Fayruz with your findings.

7. Return to Fayruz and tell her you found something in Juperos. She will translate the message you memorized and then ask you to find her any ancient objects you come across in Juperos.

8. The objects you are looking for are the Transparent Plates dropped by the Dimiks in Juperos. There are four plates in all and their colour corresponds to the colour of the Dimik you kill.


9. Fayruz will give you 100,000 base experience for each plate you find. Notice as you begin to return the plates her thesis becomes more complete. To receive the final reward, a Gift Box, you must find one more plate of any colour.

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