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Battle Arena Entrance Quest

-500 zeny per summon

-Entrance to Battle Arena
-Random amount of Stones


1. Go to Kunlun and talk to the Iron Man, Song Mao Tou, (180, 118). Make sure you are carrying as little as possible in order to increase your success in his challenge.


2. Accept Song Mao Tou's challenge and he'll give you a random amount of stones to pick up. If you succeed you will receive a random amount of stones and he'll ask you if you are interested in fighting. Tell him you are interested to fight then talk to him again saying "Let's do it!"


3. You will now be transported to another room; here you will find two NPC's. One being the guide to the arena, which explains some of the game aspects to you, you can also talk to her to exit the room or watch the current game. The other NPC has the chat box to enter the arena.


4. Upon entry, talk to the Summoner to choose which monster you would like to battle. There are 11 different groups to choose from and each group has a certain selection of monsters. Each summon costs 500 zeny.


5. Note: the summoned monsters do not give you items or experience.


6. To exit the arena you can either be lucky by getting teleported out after killing your monster or getting teleported out if you run out of time. However, if you aren't on the correct cell and do not get teleported out, there is always the Exit Guide. To find the Exit Guide, walk to the top right of the arena and rotate your screen.

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