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Chief's Quest

-Dropped Knife Quest
-1 Green Potion
-2 Yggdrasil Seeds
-3 Aloes
-1 Witherless Rose
-10 Witch Starsands
-5 Burning Hearts
-5 Ice Cubics
-1 Anvil
-2 Rough Oridecons
-5 Broken Swords
-2 Steels
-1 Hammer of Blacksmith
-2 Star Crumbs
-5 Live Coals

-3 White Potions
-1 Old Blue Box
-Boots [1] or Shoes [1].


1. Enter the Chief's house on the West side of Kunlun (111, 131).


2. You'll find the Chief, Shi Yan Wen, upstairs. Speak to him and he'll mention Kunlun is having a problem with thieves.


3. Now go to the East side of Kunlun to find the Tavern (213, 113).


4. Upon entry, go to your left to speak to the Hostess, Mei Yen Fang. She tells you the Chief's house was robbed last night.

5. Head back to the Chief and tell him you heard that something was stolen. Ask him about the item and he'll tell you it was an ordinary sword that his family treasured. Offer to help him find it.

6. Return to the Tavern and speak to the Hostess again. She'll hint that you should speak to the drunk man in the bar, for he saw something last night.


7. Talk to the 'Man in hangover', Xue Bong. You will have to give him a Green Potion to make him feel better. When he feels better, ask him about the thief and where the thief went. Thank him for the information and head back outside.


8. Go back to the Chief and he'll give you 3 White Potions for the information you've obtained so far.


9. Now you must enter Kunlun's dungeon and make your way to level 3. Watch out for the Evil Nymphs, Hermit Plants, Taoist Hermits, and the MVP Evil Snake Lord.


10. Find the 'Strange dead body' in the upper left area (61, 223). Take a look at the message left on the body.

Image Image Image

11. The message mentioned something about broken pieces, these are the pieces of the sword and are scattered throughout the levels of the dungeon. You will need to find one of the pieces in each level, you must start with Level One and work your way to Level Three.

Level One:
-(134, 183)
-(140, 257)
-(164, 53)
-(190, 160)
-(202, 25)

Level Two:
-(23, 106)
-(65, 168)
-(149, 75)
-(249, 40)
-(247, 128)
-(265, 201)

Level Three:
-(10, 74)
-(14, 163)
-(68, 213)
-(156, 263)
-(162, 39)
-(170, 190)
-(199, 102)

Note: The piece to collect from each level is random. If you find the correct piece a dialog box will appear. You can also tell it's the correct piece by the hide animation (if this is the case, wander around the spot until you get the dialog box).


12. Take the sword pieces to the Chief, he will ask you to fix the sword. If you agree you will receive an Old Blue Box.

13. The Chief mentions Zuo Hei who may know of a Blacksmith who could fix the sword. At this point you will need to have completed the Dropped Knife Quest.


14. Find Zuo Hei in Kunlun (100, 241), he is the Stranger. Ask him about the Blacksmith and tell him it's for the sword. He tells you to go to Geffen.


15. Go to the Inn in Northeast Geffen (169, 173). You will find the Blacksmith in the very back of the Inn.


16. Talk to the Blacksmith, Aumgarl, and tell him you are there to repair a sword. Talk to him again and he'll kick you from the Inn. Keep talking to him until you get the option of telling him his granddaughter is a pretty girl, and then ask him if anything is wrong. He tells you his granddaughter Lyroo has an incurable disease.

17. Tell him you'll make her happy by taking her with you. He'll ask what do you mean, reply by saying you are sorry. Then choose 'Well…' as your next response, and then agree to help him in finding a doctor.


18. Find the Young man, Neil, in Southeast Prontera (275, 86). He'll tell you of a doctor in Juno that cured him when he was ill.


19. Speak to an Active little girl, Hisa, near the centre of Juno (208, 164). She mentions a doctor named Cylrnel who has returned from her world journeys.


20. Go to the doctor's house just east of Juno's centre (245, 144). When you enter and walk towards her, she'll kick you out. Keep trying until she stops (you have a 10% chance of success).


21. Talk to her until you get the option of telling her that she's beautiful and that you fell in love at first site. These options have variable responses, keep selecting them until she asks what you really want. You will tell her the story about the Blacksmith, if you are lucky the dialog will continue, if not you'll have to keep repeating the steps until it does.

22. When Cylrnel finally tells you she can't do anything unless she knows the granddaughters symptoms, return to the Blacksmith in Geffen. He'll tell you his granddaughter is upstairs.


23. Talk to the Girl upstairs, Lyroo, and ask her about her health. Keep asking until she tells you her symptoms.

24. Return to the doctor and tell her Lyroo's symptoms. Tell her that Lyroo's body repeatedly turns hot and cold, that there is no sweating at all, becomes paralyzed often and heart beats are irregular. She'll ask you to bring her 2 Yggdrasil Seeds, 3 Aloes, 1 Witherless Rose, 10 Witch Starsands, 5 Burning Hearts, and 5 Ice Cubics

25. Bring the doctor the ingredients and she'll make you the medicine, an Aloevera, to give to Lyroo.

26. Go to Geffen and give Lyroo the medicine. Now talk to the Blacksmith and ask him to repair the sword.

27. Offer to help gather materials and he'll give you a list. You'll need 1 Anvil, 2 Rough Oridecons, 5 Broken Swords, 2 Steels, 1 Hammer of Blacksmith, 2 Star Crumbs, and 5 Live Coals.


28. Give him the items and talk to him again. He'll give you the SaYumMoon's sword, Haedonggum [1].


29. Now go back to the Chief and receive the reward of either Boots [1] or Shoes [1].

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Thanks, didn't know about this. Beats trying to find slotted boots eh
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