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Hide n’ Seek Quest

-Steamed Crab Nippers
-10 Green Herbs (ingredient to make Steamed Crab)
-1 Yellow Potion (ingredient to make Steamed Crab)
-10 Nippers (ingredient to make Steamed Crab)

-50,000 Base Experience
-3 Green Salads


1. Find Torpy, a little boy in Hugel (107, 67), and ask him what’s wrong. He tells you he couldn’t find his dad in a game of hide n’ seek. When you ask more, he’ll tell you his mom went to find his dad and went missing too.


2. Torpy’s mother is just outside Hugel (190, 367). She tells you there is some mix-up and to tell her son she’ll be home shortly.

3. Return to Torpy to tell him his mother is okay, but you’ll still have to find his father.


4. Find a Suspicious Barrel (101, 177) just above the Hugel’s teleporter. The ‘barrel’ asks for you to bring it Steamed Crab Nippers. If you agree the ‘barrel’ will list the ingredients you need to make them: 10 Green Herbs, 1 Yellow Potion and 10 Nippers.

5. When you give the Steamed Crab Nippers to the barrel, Torpy’s father will come out. He explains why he is hiding, then re-hides after eating the dish. Return to Torpy and he is happy his father is okay, and asks you to tell his mother not to worry.


6. When you talk to Torpy’s mother, you will be reward with base experience and 3 Green Salads.

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