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Juno Remedy Quest

-Base level 60
-A party of five to play bingo
-5 Rune of the Darkness

-900,000 Base Experience
-600,000 Job Experience


1. Find Euslan in Juno (111, 156). Speak to her twice and ask if she is alright, she will then tell you she is worried about her fiancée Theirry. Offer to find Theirry for her and she’ll mention that he went to the airships to get some special medicine for her. She hints that the crewmen of the Schwaltzvalt Rebulblic domestic flights might have information of his whereabouts.


2. Take a ride on the domestic airship (Juno/Einbroch/Lighthalzen/Hugel) and talk to Hallen (236, 63) on the top deck. He won’t know anything about Theirry but suggests you try Kaci.


3. Kaci is on bottom deck near the front of the ship (33, 69). Ask about Theirry and Kaci will tell you to see the airship captain for he is responsible for the passenger list. She also asks you to send her regards to Euslan.


4. Talk to the Airship Captain (236, 163), in the room on the top deck at the front of the ship. He will tell you Theirry traveled with them a month ago on the first airship that went to Hugel.

5. Return to Euslan and give her Kaci’s regards. She tells you her brother, Eukran, works as a Bingo game coordinator in Hugel and that he may know where Theirry is.


6. Head to the Bingo house in Hugel (57, 208), it’s in the upper left corner. A dialog box will pop up when you enter, and you will find out you have to play a game in order to meet Eukran. Five people are needed to start a game, winning is not necessary.


7. After the game you will be sent to Eukran’s room. He tells you Theirry passed through here a month ago and was heading for Odin’s Shrine.


8. Go to Odin Temple and walk around the area (130, 132) until you hear two people talking. After the two men finish their talk about research, a young man appears.


9. Talk to the young man and you find out he is Theirry. He is sorry you had to go to so much trouble to find him, but he won’t leave until he finishes his research.

10. After speaking to Theirry, walk down to the entrance portal of this map and you’ll hear the Suspicious Man again. He is talking to another man in plotting Theirry’s death.

11. Return to Theirry to warn him about the plot. He says he still can’t leave until he finishes the remedy for Euslan. He asks you to bring him 5 Rune of the Darkness.

12. After you bring him the 5 Rune of the Darkness he will prepare the remedy and give it to you to give to Euslan. He remains behind to go into hiding while the suspicious men look for him.

13. Return to Euslan to give her the remedy and receive 900,000 Base Experience and 600,000 Job Experience for your troubles.

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