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Cow Milking Quest

-Base level 50
-Rapier [2]
-3 Concentration Potions

-3 Fruit Mix
-100,000 Base Experience
-Rewards for doing the quest a second time: 5 Yellow Potions, 5 Orange Potions, 3 Honeys, 5 Milk, or a Bundle of Food


1. Walk near Kurupe in Hugel (56, 104) to activate the conversation of him worrying about the milk he needs to deliver tomorrow that Burupu hasn’t brought yet. After the dialog ends, continue talking to him and he’ll ask you to find Burupu just outside Hugel, for he is the only one that can milk his cow, Booboo.


2. Head down one map and find Burupu (217, 270), when the conversation is activated he will complain to you about not having a better sword to practice with for he wants to be a swordsman. Talk to him twice and agree to get him a better sword, a Rapier [2], in return for him to milk Booboo.

3. Once you give the sword to Burupu he gets so excited he backs out of his promise. He then tells you that you can milk Booboo yourself by finding his secret instructions he hid underground near her in Hugel (72, 101).


4. Read the instructions, chapters 1-3, and you’ll find you need 3 Concentration Potions before talking to Kurupe to get permission to milk Booboo. Different brush strokes are required given the song Booboo will sing, see list below.

5. Speak to Kurupe and then to Booboo to begin the cow milking process. Each attempt will use 3 Concentration Potions, make sure you have sound effects turned on and background music turned off.

-Brush 1 time when the theme of Lutie is played, Booboo is in love
-Brush 5 times when peaceful forest is played, Booboo is neutrally content
-Brush 10 times when curse ‘n pain is played, Booboo is sad
-Brush 3 times when mucho gusto is played, Booboo is happy
-Say No! when jazzy funky sweety is played, Booboo is angry


6. After once you choose the correct brush stroke Booboo will sing her song to you. Find the part of her song which is incorrect and hum the correct lyrics back to her, do not use tildes (~), you should only need to fix the first incorrect word. The correct version of the song is shown above.


7. Return to Kurupe after successfully milking Booboo. You will be rewarded 3 Fruit Mix and 100,000 Base Experience. This quest is repeatable, but with different rewards.

8. If you wish to repeat this quest, talk to Kurupe again then Burupu. After talking to Burupu you can proceed with step five. Possible rewards include: 5 Yellow Potions, 5 Orange Potions, 3 Honeys, 5 Milk, or a Bundle of Food.


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