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War of Emperium (WoE) Information / Guide / FAQ

There seems to be some demand for all War information to be in a centralized location. Below is my best attempt at that; if there are additional questions or sections that are unclear, please post. I will attempt to keep this information as up-to-date as possible.

* General Information
* Castle Rotation
* Damage Modifications
* Other WoE Modifications
* War Rules & Dual Clienting
* Castle Investments
* War of Emperium Castle Shop
* War of Emperium Participation Rewards

General Information

War of Emperium is a Guild-based Player-versus-Player (PvP) competative system. The object is to work with your guild to take and hold War castles. Castles are taken by destoying the Emperium stone, deep within the castle. The person who holds the War castle at the end of the War can be considered the winner for that war.

Currently, War of Emperium is held at the following two times (server time):
Arrow Thursday, 7:00pm to 7:30pm
Arrow Sunday, 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Emperium stats are as follows:
Health: 136,860
Defense: 40, plus 35 Vit
Race: Angel
Size: Small
Elemental Property: Holy 1

Castle Rotation

On Ragnarok Frontier, only some castles are open at once. The open castles are on a rotational basis by city, with each rotation lasting for 2 weeks (4 wars). The city rotation order is Aldebaran --> Payon --> Geffen --> Prontera, and then back to Aldebaran again. You can see which city is the current city in-rotation and when the next city will become active on the WoE Castles page. The start of a new rotation is always on a War day.

Right now, only two castles are open per city: Castle #1 and #4. Their approximate location, as per the little red dots on the minimap of the pre-castle War map, are as follows:
* Aldebarran Castle 1, Neuschwanstein - Bottom Left
* Aldebarran Castle 4, Wuerzburg - Top Right
* Geffen Castle 1, Repherion - Bottom Left
* Geffen Castle 4, Bergel - Top Middle
* Payon Castle 1, Bright Arbor - Top Left
* Payon Castle 4, Scarlet Palace - Bottom Left
* Prontera Castle 1, Kriemhild - Bottom Left
* Pronter Castle 4, Skoegul - Top Left

When a castle is not active, it does not produce treasure and the guild dungeon is not accessible. Castle ownership and any investments made to the castle does not change: the castle will be owned by the same guild at the same investment level when it comes back to being the active castle.

Damage Modifications

There are damage modifications that occur in War. These modifications occur with any attack that does not deal a specific, fixed amount of damage (like Gravitation Field or Gloria Domini) as follows:
Arrow Any Skill Attack: 50% base damage.
Arrow Non-Skill Ranged Attack: 70% base damage.
Arrow Non-Skill Melee Attack: 100% base damage.
Note: Global damage is boosted in most fields/dungeons; this modification is removed prior to this reduction coming into effect. For example, a non-skill ranged attack with a base damage of 1000 would do 1150 damage in fields/dungeons (115% base damage) but only 700 damage (70% base damage) in War.

The Emperium cannot be hit with any skill attack (except Gravitation Field, at significantly reduced damage). It also has a special custom type of damage reduction where it takes progressively less additional damage as the base damage increases. The exact formula will not be given out, but here are some examples:
* If your final damage used to be 500, it will now be 500.
* If your final damage used to be 1000, it will now be 932.
* If your final damage used to be 2000, it will now be 1591.
* If your final damage used to be 5000, it will now be 2685.
* If your final damage used to be 20000, it will now be 6585.
Note that this reduction only noticably affects very high damage. Higher base damage will always do more damage than lower base damage. There is no fixed maximum.

From previous history with this system, fully-geared optomized Breakers are able to solo an Emperium in a bit less than 15 seconds (Lord Knight / Star Gladiator), with the very fastest being about 9 seconds (SinX).
In the case of a SinX using Katars or two weapons in conjunction with Double Attack, the modification is made on each swing seperately (resulting in higher overall damage then if they are taken together).

Other WoE Modifications

These are the other non-damage-related modifications for WoE:
* All damage is hidden.
* Players are allowed up to 10 seconds of invincibility after using a castle portal. This invincibility is removed immediately if the user moves, attacks, or uses skills of any type.
* Many skill effects show a simplified graphical display.
* Valid targets is determined by guild affiliation only. Party members not in the same guild can damage one another.
* Homunculi/Mercenaries can be directly targeted.
* Players are returned to their save point immediately upon death.
* Traps remain on the ground for 4 times longer than normal.
* Any skill that has a WoE modifier has that modifier enabled (eg. the Stalker skill "Stealth" takes five times as much SP)
* All Teleport/Warp Skills, Abilities, and Items are disabled. The exception is the Butterfly Wing, which still works.
* All Knockback, Endure, and Uninterruptible Cast effects are disabled.
* The following skills are explicitly disabled: Warp Portal, Icewall, Basilica, Cultivate Plant, Moonlight Serenade, Shadow Slash, Marionette Control.
* The skill "Assumptio" cannot be cast within WoE castles, but if cast outside of the castle the effect can be taken into the castle.
* There are no custom modifications to Flee. However, keep in mind that on WoE maps your percent chance to hit is equal to [Your Hit] - [Opponents Flee - 100] (minimum 5%) and that your flee is further reduced the more opponents you have attacking.

War Rules & Dual Clienting

All of the normal rules are in effect for War, with the following exceptions:
* Respawn Killing. You may spawn kill during War hours on War maps.
* Novice / Low Level Killing. You may kill any opponent in War, regardless of class or level.

Regarding the Guild Emblem rule, you may not be inside a War castle without an emblem, but you are allowed to be on the pre-castle War map. Additionally, no two guilds may have the same or indistinguishable emblems in War. If two related guilds wish to have the same emblem outside of war this is alright (provided both guilds agree to it), but during War hours each guild must have an emblem that is visibly distinguishable from that of any other existing, warring guild.

Dual clienting is permissible during War hours, with the limitation that you may only have one client in a castle at a time. You are allowed to have additional clients in the cities or on the war maps themselves, outside of the castle. However, please keep in mind that if these additional clients have characters in the same guild and a Guild Recall happens, you only have 10 seconds grace to log off one of the clients. Failure to do so will result in a suspension, if reported.

Castle Investments

Castle Investments improve a castle. There are two types of investments: Economy and Defense.

Economy Investments:
* Increase the number of castle treasure chests. Treasure chests generate at midnight every night, at a rate of 4 + one per 5 levels of Economy. Treasure chests typically contain 3-carat diamonds, yggdrassil berries/seeds, dead branches, and old blue boxes. On rare occasions, they will drop OCAs, Bloody Dead Branches, Tribal Solidarity, Treasure Boxes, and basic slotted equipment. On very rare occasions, they will drop very good armor (eg. Feather Beret, Ulle Cap, Spiritual Ring) and weapons (eg. Infiltrator, Rudra Bow, Divine Cross).
* Increases the available consumables in the WoE Shop and decreases the cost per item, as per the table in the WoE Shop section.
* Can be invested in twice per day by the guild leader.
* On any day a guild leader has invested, there is a 50% chance that a free investment level will be given at the end of the day if the guild has the "Permanent Development" guild skill.

Defense Investments:
* Increase the health of all castle guardians and the Emperium.
* Increases the damage of all castle guardians.
* Grants additional skills to castle guardians every 5 levels. The exact details are unknown, though for example at Defense level 15 Aldebaran Knight Guardians are able to cast Waterball.
* Can be invested in twice per day by the guild leader.
* On any war where a single guild has held the castle without it being taken throughout the whole war, the castle gains either 1 or 2 (at random) free defense investment levels.

In both cases, there is a maximum level of 100. Each time a castle is taken, 5 levels of each type are lost to a minimum investment level of 1. The starting cost is 5,000z for an Economy investment and 10,000z for a Defense investment. This cost doubles every 5 castle levels, and temporarily quadruples if it is the 2nd investment in one day.
Example: Adding two Economy points to a Economy level 3 castle in the same day: 1st is 5,000z, second is 20,000z (5,000z * 4).
Example 2: Adding one Defense point to a Defense level 12 castle: 40,000z (1-5 is 10,000z, 6-10 is 20,000z, 11-15 is 40,000z). Note that if a second investment is desired on the same say, it would be 160,000z.

For Castle treasure chests, it is highly recommended that they are collected at midnight each day. Failure to collect a box during the day will result in the treasure being lost. Additionally, if there is a server restart between the time the treasure spawns and when it is collected, the treasure will also be lost without compensation.

War of Emperium Castle Shop

The War of Emperium Castle Shop sells a limited quantity of consumable supplies based on the castle's economy level. Because the supply is limited, all transactions must go through the guild master. The amount, variety, and price of the consumable items depends on the castle's economy level as per the following table. Note that in all cases the number of items available increases and the cost per item decreases as the castle levels up.


The numbers available are for each inter-war period. If a castle changes economy level in this time, additional items will become available based on the castle's new level. Purchasing the items on a War day prior to war will yield the most items at the least cost for that inter-war period. Unpurchased items at the end of the inter-war period are lost, and a new batch is generated based on the castle's economy level after the war.

Note: If you do not have enough available weight to purchase the supplies in a Guild Castle Shop, the zeny will still be removed but the supplies will not be given. Ensure you have enough available weight to take the supplies you are purchasing.

War of Emperium Participation Rewards

Players obtain WoE Reward Points for participation in War, and trade them in for random prizes through the "War Reward Liaison" NPC in the Battlegrounds waiting room. Items you can for obtain for each War Reward Point include:

Common: 2-50 KVM Points, 1-3 Tierra Badges, 1-3 Flavian Badges, Yggdrasilberry, 5 Cursed Water, 10 Cobweb
Uncommon: 1-carat Diamond, Acid Bottle, Bottle Grenade, Dead Branch, Elunium, Glistening Coat, Speed Potion, Old Blue Box, Poison Bottle, Poring Box
Rare: 3-carat Diamond, Box of Sunlight, Enriched Elunium, Enriched Oridecon, Jewelry Box, Old Card Album, Old Purple Box, Treasure Box, Tribal Solidarity

You can obtain the Reward Items from the NPC in the Battleground waiting room between 1:00pm and 8:00pm (server time) daily.

The exact calculation settings of the reward system is horrendously complex, and will not be given out. However, here are some general suggestions to maximize your rewards:
1) Participate all war. Though time is given for death and castle re-entry (death is expected), you need to be actively warring in order to maximize points.
2) Get your friends to war, too. The rewards per person increase the more people are participating in the war overall.
3) Attack in groups. In addition to the total players, the number of people within a given War castle at any given time has an effect.
4) Ensure you trade your WoE Reward Points prior to each war. There is a gradual degration of the number of additonal WoE Reward Points you get when you already have a lot.
5) Move around; attack and defend throughout the whole castle. Though you don't have to be constantly moving to maximize your rewards, if you hole up in the emp for the entire war (for example), you will get less rewards.

Points are given out at the end of war (whether you are online at the end of war or not) based on your activity and overall server activity as per the above points. If you were in a castle at the end of war, a popup will display your total WoE Reward Points (not just the ones gained in that war). Otherwise, your WoE Reward Point total can be found by talking with the War Reward Liaison NPC in the Battleground arena.

Gamemaster character: GM Robert

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This is an excellent guide Robert, thanks.

Question: Why is it that reward points can only be traded for items from 3pm-7pm? I am constantly forgetting to trade my points in at these hours and find it rather frusterating. Having a reminder announcement just before that time period activates/expires would be nice.

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The original purpose of the time restriction was twofold: to make it so that people would come online for more than just war, and also to hopefully promote some mid-day Battleground activity during those hours.

That said, with the refresh and people actively leveling plus regular battleground activity mid-day anyway, I believe this timeframe can be relaxed by a few more hours, to make it easier to collect rewards.

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Would it be possible to also add the VIT of the emperium? Because it does affect the damage we deal to it and we could also determine weither an ice pick is better or not for emp breaking.

thank you Jie

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The GW PArticipation Reward is actually really good. That should give people a reason to go to GW now because there are rewards even though you don't get a castle. Thanks for all the info, GM Robert!
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