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What is OekakiPoteto?

OekakiPoteto (horrible Japanese romanji conjugate of "Protect") is a PHP extension of the OekakiBBS and PaintBBS online painting applets where artists can draw and post their work online; it does not rely on OekakiBBS' picture.cgi (which can easily be hacked), and is more protected in the fact that it uses a private registration system for users to post pictures.

Who is responsible for the development of OekakiPoteto?

Theo Chakkapark/Chakkaphak (aka RanmaGuy) and Marcello. RanmaGuy is the main coder for OekakiPoteto, while Marcello has written the parsing code for the OekakiBBS and PaintBBS applets, as well as the PaintBBS hack to allow retouching. Travis coded the ban script used in OekakiPoteto to keep the evil people away. Special thanks goes to Uriel for providing development space for OekakiPoteto, as well as providing us with detailed bug reports.

Where can I get my own FREE OekakiPoteto?

You can get the latest version of OekakiPoteto at suteki.nu.

I can't see/start the applet.

Try downloading the Sun Java Runtime Environment, or JRE at http://java.sun.com/getjava/. If that does not work, and you are using Windows, try going to Windows Update and download the MicrosoftVM.

What is an archive?

When the picture limit is reached, OP will recycle through the picture count starting at 0. Archiving a picture will prevent it from being overwritten by this process. Only administrators can do this.

How do I start drawing?

If you are registered and have a draw flag, you can begin drawing on the OekakiPoteto by clicking on Use OekakiBBS or Use PaintBBS. If you do not have a draw flag, contact an administrator for details on how to accquire one.

My picture didn't post / I wasn't able to comment, and lost my picture.

Your picture is not lost. Go to Administration > Recover pics to recover your lost pictures. Your information is still saved on them, including the time it took for you to draw it!

Why can't I immediately see my updated picture when I re-touch it?

We really have no idea. It could be just the browser cache retaining the former picture; to resolve it, just refresh your page.

I'm using the Animated NoteBBS / OekakiBBS. So how do I start animating?

Just draw as you normally would. The applet will automatically track your movements and store it in a file!

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