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Ragnarok Frontier Rules
Why Play Ragnarok Frontier?

Ragnarok Frontier, we're not just another Ragnarok Online private server: We're a community. We strive to mix both the aspects of gaming and social interaction to create an enjoyable and fair environment for each one of our members. We attempt to mix the old and the new, to help out new members through our Mentoring program and helpful friendly attitudes.

Whether you're someone who enjoys collecting headgears, chatting with friends or a competitive veteran player something for you is waiting in game. Our staff and member experience is unparalleled in the Ragnarok Online world, providing stable service since 2003 to our members.

War of Emperium

Prontera City

The next active city in rotation will be Al De Baran City on Sunday, November 1st.

Prontera Castle 1
Prinny Squad
Prontera Castle 4
Prinny Squad
Server Updates
Ep. 13.2: Into the Unknown
Global Project: Brasilis
PvP (Player vs. Player) in most Fields, and Dungeons (no PvP in parties)
Monthly Quests
Auto trade
Auto loot (party & player)
No EXP loss on death
Town & Dungeon Teleporter (Furies Inc.)
Battlegrounds, a team PvP system (Tierra Valley & Flavius)
Memorial Dungeons
Job Changer for Non-Transcendent classes
Fast paced War of Emperium (WoE)
Mercenary, and Pet Bonus System implemented
Balanced Skill, and Stat Reset available
Marriage System