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This guide will teach you the basic gameplay in Ragnarok. Gameplay is simple and user friendly. Hopefully, this guide will clear out any complications you had in playing.

To walk, just hover your mouse on top of the place you want to walk to and left click on the area.
Your character will walk automatically. If you want to continue walking, you can click on another place or you can hold down your mouse to walk continuously.

To attack, you hover your mouse on the monster and left click on it.
Your character will do one attack per click and if you want to continuously hold the mouse down or hold CTRL + Left Click on the monster and it will automatically attack the monster until you or the monster dies.

To pick up an item, you hover your mouse on the item and left click on it.
Your character will pick the item up automatically and if the pick is successful, a small window on the top of your screen will show the item obtained.

This is shown with a basic Direct3D accelleration compliant graphics card. If it is shown as blank, it might be caused by a non-compliant graphics card. . In the windows operating system, Ragnarok Online runs as 640*480 sized window by default. When your resolution is higher, the size of the interface will get smaller. If your VGA and CPU are not powerful enough for the system requirements, we suggest you use 800*600 or less. You can choose either option-No sound, 2D sound, or 3D sound. Ragnarok BGM is made using MP3 technology. So when you set up you'd better consider your sound card and CPU capacity. In case of a less than 500Mhz CPU, Ragnarok will run safely with 'no sound' only. This is the option for Sound settings. You can adjust it for lower sound quality for cards that are not powerful enough. You can use this to fix a certain crashing problem which is caused by the Voodoo series of video cards. When you use a graphic card such as i740, i810, or ATI series cards, the ground graphics may show as blank or broken. In this case, set this to unchecked and you can display the screen normally. Character Name and Job Class Status Effect Information HP/SP Information Base level and Job level Base EXP/Job EXP % Present Weight/Maximum Weight Present Zeny the character possesses Minimize Button Status Window on/off Item Window on/off Skill window on/off Chat Room Option Window on/off Equipment Window on/off Mini-Map on/off Party Window on/off To input a character name to whisper To call previously whispered character name history To input dialogue Dialogue history window Choose specific chat mode To adjust the size of the chat box Basic 6 Stats Present points spent to each parameter To upgrade parameters The point cost to upgrade the stat by 1 Character's Guild Item Item Groups Tool tip pops up when you bring the cursor up. You can check skill information on each skill by right clicking it with your mouse. Button to level up the skill Skill Information Valuable Skill points remaining To Use Skill Point To close the Window. To adjust window size Subject Maximum Capacity Type of room to create Password needed when it is a secret room. To Adjust BGM Volume To Adjust Effect Volume BGM on/off Effect on/off Interface skin

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