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These are the rules for Ragnarok Frontier. They were last modified on January 28th, 2012 and are changeable without notice when deemed necessary.
Please note that these rules are in addition to the Terms of Service that apply to all Xenophase services.

All of the Ragnarok Frontier rules can be summarized in the two main points:
1) Behave in a civil and respectful manner towards your fellow players.
2) In most cases, PK (killing of other players) IS allowed.
A more detailed list is included below.

If you notice any instances of rule violation, please report it with the details of the occurance and one or more screenshots, as appropriate. Reports can be made publically via the Report Abuse forums, or privately by sending the details and screenshot(s) via e-mail to abuse@xenophase.net

We encourage players to report instances of rule violation, or actions of a continual nature which are generally detrimental to the overall player experience. It's your community too -- please help us maintain it!

Category Charge 1st Warning 2nd Warning 3rd Warning
Impersonation Impersonating Game Master or Xenophase Staff Member. Permanent Ban - -
Impersonation Impersonating another player to take advantage of his/her friends. 1 Week Ban 2 Week Ban Permanent Ban
Inappropriate Speech Insult, abuse, or harassment of Staff. Staff Discretion - -
Inappropriate Speech Inappropriate character or guild name (ie. racial or foul language name). Name is Changed 1 Week Ban + Name is Changed Permanent Ban
Inappropriate Speech Inappropriate messages via any public channel. This includes but is not limited to:
1) Excessive foul language, taunting, or berating of other players,
2) Any sexual or Adult Content,
3) Any use of racist/sexist/homophobic slang,
4) Giving out private information about another player without their consent (ie. full name, link to picture),
5) Continual use of any language other than English or French, and
6) Spam in general.
Mute (Duration dependant on severity) Temporary Ban of 1-7 days (Duration dependant on severity) Staff Discretion
Inappropriate Speech Bullying of other players. This includes continued harassment over private channels, after the player has requested the actions to stop and does not provoke further responses. 1 Week Ban 2 Week Ban 3 Week Ban
Inappropriate Speech Provoking a player, with the intent to have them reported for Inappropriate Speech or Behaviour. 1 Week Ban 2 Week Ban 3 Week Ban
Ill-Manner Behaviour Opening a Vending Shop or Chatbox while standing within 6 tiles of any portal in Ragnarok Frontier. The picture shows what is wrong. Disconnection 15 minute mute + Disconnection 30 minute mute + Disconnection
Ill-Manner Behaviour Killing novice or first class characters (level 45 or under) numerously for No Reason/For Fun. 1 Day Ban 1 Week Ban 2 Week Ban
Ill-Manner Behaviour Respawn Killing. Killing characters on their respawn points. (Guild War Maps during guild wars is excluded.) 3 Day Ban 1 Week Ban 2 Week Ban
Ill-Manner Behaviour Abusing skills to block the normal traffic flow in game. This includes using Fire Wall, Ice Wall and Warp Portal to block access to buildings, dungeons, towns, and/or NPCs. (Guild War Maps during guild wars is excluded.) On non-PvP maps, this also includes the excessive use of Icewall to restrain players or teleport MVPs multiple times. 3 Day Ban 1 Week Ban 2 Week Ban
Ill-Manner Behaviour Entering any Guild War Castle without an emblem, or using an emblem indistinguishable from another warring guild's emblem. Staff Discretion 1 Week Ban 2 Week Ban
Ill-Manner Behaviour Inappropriate Arena behaviour. This includes within-arena Dual-clienting, excessive AFKing, and intentionally attempting to lose and/or help the opponent in any team-based arena. Arenas include Guild Wars, Battlegrounds, KvM, Poring War, Hugel Bingo, Monster Race, Monster Arena, and Turbo Track. Ejection from the Arena 1-3 Day Ban 1 Week Ban
Advertising Advertising Other Servers. This means ANY server not part of Xenophase. Permanent Ban - -
Felony Hacking into other player's account. Permanent Ban - -
Felony Illegal 3rd Party Program Use, Client Modification (ie. Botting, Macroing). Permanent Ban - -
Felony Failure to respond to a 'bot-check'-type message within 1 minute (or at the discretion of staff), while continuing to perform actions that require active player input. Staff Discretion Permanent Ban -
Felony Ban evasion. Using a different account after your original one was Banned in order to continue playing during your Ban time. Double the original Ban time on all associated accounts Staff Discretion -

*Note: The actions listed in the warnings are based on infractions within the last 12 months. These are guidelines only, and for all infractions the GMs will take action as appropriate based on the severity of your act and past history.

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