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The mentor system for Ragnarok Frontier is a buddy-up system for new players - established players on Ragnarok Frontier lend their time and expertise to newer players in order to help them get a footing in the game. Below is a list of members who have signed up for the mentor system, and their online status. If you're new and need help, don't hesitate to contact them!

List of Mentors

Are you new to Ragnarok Frontier?

Need to job change? Reset your skills? Please see our helpful guide; Ragnarok Frontier Key NPC locations. Want to introduce yourself, find a party or guild? Introductions, Guild & Party Recruiting forum is a great place to start!


If you are having would like to leave a commendation for a mentor, have a grievance with a mentor, become a mentor to new members on Ragnarok Frontier, or have an issue you would like to address with staff you can view a list of available staff at our Online Staff page.

Are you a mentor?

If you are a mentor, you are able to lookup character information for a player. Mentors are able to lookup the average character level, and job level of a player as well as average zeny per character, and number of accounts the player has accessed to verify if the player is in fact, a novice on Ragnarok Frontier.

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