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The following members have been banned from Xenophase for violating Terms of Service or other Rules & Etiquette on Xenophase or related services within the past 2 months.

Date Username Reason Duration

How do I appeal a ban?

To appeal a ban, or to find out more information about your ban from Xenophase please e-mail from the e-mail address of the account on file.

What is the purpose of a Conditional ban duration?

The purpose of a Conditional ban is a "hold" on an account until a staff member can talk to the account holder of a banned account. This usually means that conditions are applied to a persons account for the removal of the ban.

When does an Unknown ban duration apply?

An Unknown ban is a ban where the consequences have not yet been established in relation to a persons actions. This is usually issued in cases of Abuse Investigations, in which more information needs to be collected to come to a conclusion.

In which event is an "Account sharing" ban given?

An "Account sharing" ban is given when a person that is banned from Xenophase has accessed others accounts. The accounts accessed are put on a conditional ban duration until the account holder contacts the e-mail address listed in the ban reason, and agrees to the applicable conditions.

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