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The Xenophase forums is the most interactive part of Xenophase. It is the center where all our members gather to share information, talk or to ask questions. To help keep the Xenophase forums clean and welcoming, it is required for you as a member of Xenophase to read and follow a few forum manners and rules.

How to Not Get Banned

Read over and follow these tips while using the forums and you will reduce your chances of getting banned significantly.

  • Forum Rules
    The forum rules are important. To create a safe environment for everyone it is mandatory to follow the rules provided for you. Read it! These rules do not apply to Green Eggs and Spam.
    1. No 'flaming', swearing, offensive language or racist comments.
    2. No providing or linking to viruses or harmful programs.
    3. No pornographic material is allowed.
    4. No signatures larger than 200 pixels in height, and 300 pixels in width.
    5. No posts that violate the Terms of Service.
  • The Search Button
    Proper utilization of the search button will not only reduce your chances of recieving spam or a ban but also keep the forums and clean place free of many duplicate posts, please use it before posting.
  • The Spam % Feature
    Don't spam. Every time you post topics that are considered spam unconstructive posts, inappropriate posts, or repetitive topics, your spam percent will increase. When your spam percent reaches 80% or over, you can no longer post on the forums, for as many days as it takes to decrease under 80%.
  • Appropriate Topic Titles
    "HELP ME PLZ!!", "Computer not working", "Problem", and etc are not helpful or useful titles. When you are creating a post, make it informative so that people can just look at your title and know what your post is about. Refer to this guide for more information: Proper Topic Titles Make A Difference
  • Common Posts That Are Not Permitted
    The following posts create to much un-needed spam and therefore, are not permitted on the forums.
    1. Server Status (ie. Server is down, Disappearance of characters)
    2. Inquiries about certain projects that are not announced (ie. kRO updates)
    3. Anything related to other private servers. (this will result in a ban if you are found posting.)
    4. Where to train, level up, what stats/skills to add. (post in the Job FAQ instead)
    5. Rate my signature, how to make a signature (use the search button for guides)
    6. "Why am I banned" posts. (file your report to a GM via pm or
    7. Good-Bye posts are not allowed (If you are leaving, you can email your friends, post in your journal, or PM them in-game).

Etiquette and Rules Agreement

By posting on the site, you, as a Xenophase member, agree to follow all the rules and guidelines provided for you in this page. Failure to follow these rules will result in a permanent ban.

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